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Hemi Phosphoric Acid Process

We have helped pioneer the advanced Hemi phosphoric acid process. Allies in this undertaking have included Yara (formerly Hydro)licensing department, HiTech Solutions Inc. (where John Wing was Sr. VP), several clients, and numerous equipment providers. Early stages of any phosphoric acid venture should include a thorough comparison of the conventional Dihydrate process versus the relatively newer Hemi process. The elaborate Hemi-Di process might also be considered where raw materials are expensive or where extra phosphogypsum purity is required.

The Hemi process is known for high product concentration & purity, energy efficiency, and avoiding need to grind phosphate concentrate. It adds major benefits downstream from the reaction & filtration sections – greatly reducing capital & operating costs and enhancing overall recovery. We understand keys to successful implementation of the Hemi process. We proved this in two early Hemi conversions - achieving rapid commissioning and superior performance of plants in USA and Canada.

We would be pleased to share this expertise with those who are considering a new phosphoric acid facility. Also, Hemi provides attractive short-cuts for sites where more capacity is needed from an existing dihydrate plant, because Hemi circumvents bottlenecks in evaporation, rock grinding, cooling water, tank farms, and flash cooling.

John Wing has performed studies of various depths for new Hemi or Hemi-Di plants or conversions of existing plants in USA, Middle East, and India. Inquiries regarding any aspects of Hemi or Hemi-Di technology, operation, or economics will be welcome at JohnWingPE@verizon.net.